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They said he would send us the holy spirit In many ways I tried to approach an number of fundamental things. The creation of cosmos due to the fact that something smaller or equal to nothing cannot exist. When meaningless is approached, pressure mounts and like the big bang explodes. That’s why everything has a meaning. Nihilism is a contradiction. Sense could not be stopped.  The voyage from radiation towards the first atom and cell and from then onwards towards us, the creation of the unique circumstances where this could happen, no, no lucky coincidence. Everything serves a purpose and nothing wants to become or can become meaningless. That’s why society is in evolution, trying to move away from the decadence of the worn out, towards more fulfillment in the new end. It might be a possibility that we do not take our chance and make a happy end of it all during this big bang cycle…just like we as individual, emotional beings sometimes desire to have more than one life to get the complete picture of who we are. I contributed a lot of essays to raise enthusiasm about these things (mainly in Dutch).  All objective philosophical questions can be solved with science and history and you can find a lot of wonder and joie in it…a pity few people try.   


The subjective site of it all, the psychological reasons, the making sense of it all…well, one needs more to try to understand it and bring it over…by life itself and by culture, one can succeed. But still a lot of ‘the holy spirit’ of it all becomes clear by those strange kind of special energy, of ‘intuition’-like features…which aren’t as much a mystery, but a kind of energy that can trick you, but you cannot trick it back.  This is no appeal to push logic and reason aside when one is dealing with rather sometimes irrational things as life and dead. One’s life is interconnected with others and sometimes it is not so easy to understand ‘why this is all happening to us’.  There’s a structure in everything from a cell to an apple, and you name it. A lot has been invested to make life possible. We see and hear…and so on and still we manage to feel unhappy.  We have a problem with considering all those beautiful things in nature as a unity, as seeing it as a part of us, part of the same adventure. Our sun is 5 billion years old and within another 5 billion years it will be over.  Just a little more a dark spot in the milky way.  Even the universe starts over and over again, like a day follows night…so, what are we afraid of…of death????


We often get to depressed to feel good. We cannot afford to pity ourselves or others…we must purchase our inner strength in a way that we do not bother others to much. Good will is of essence, but can put you in a lot of trouble…and in times of trouble one often must persist, alone if necessary, to be able to understand afterwards why you had to go through the whole process. Often the answer is that it was because it was necessary to play a positive role in the life of others…but often in another way, by other means. You can long for compassion, comfort in certain periods in your life. But it’s better to rest and think things over and get a hold of yourself. To try to find out what you really are good in and act. There is a lot where one can be good in : let those who know how to offer compassion, compassionate, let the writers write, let the workers work instead of putting them without a job or taking too much of teir time for educating the philosophical part of themselves. Find joy.    Do not be greedy, jealous or do not be bothered with other kinds of fear. Venin starts with thinking that you are beautiful and you miss a lot…whilst ignoring true beauty…the fruit of contemplation. We were put on a wonderful stage and we still don’t understand why…how can we take real pleasure in it, not understanding the whole picture ? Insight dictates our live, but we often fail to see.  It can take quite a while before one has experienced all from every side to get the whole picture. Do good.


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