The twelve comandements/ To everyone who is open for it/People


the 12 commandements

(unpair lines are Dutch translation)

ontwikkel het sterkere in jezelf
develop the stronger part in yourself

(tracht naar objektieve kennis)
search for objective knowledge

(overwin je negatieve emoties)
overcome your negative emotions

(doe jouw deel van het werk)
do your part of the work

(neem de tijd voor stilte en natuur)
take the time for silence and nature

(geld was een middel, geen doel)
money was a means of, not a purpose

(ontdek de ware betekenis van trouw)
discover the true meaning of faith and faithfulness

(leef niet alleen om te werken)
don’t life only for working for money

(overmatige konsumptie vervuilt jezelf)
too much consumption spoils yourself

(ontdek de symboliek van de zin van het leven)
discover the symbolism of the meaning of life

(leven brengt je dichter bij de kern van het leven : zin van onzin scheiden)
life brings you closer to the hart of life :    separating sense from nonsense



They all have their own problems, not only because of their own history and their own nature, experiences and decisions. But they should be aware of leading a good life. Not only for themselves, but everyone they are connected with in many ways. People are connected telepathically  and they have an influence on each other both in a spoken, sense and by their thoughts and feelings.  They inherited some problems to overcome, but they often repeat some mistakes of the past, without overcoming them and then they get stuck with their lives or society.

Each individual has a certain degree of masculinity and femininity. The difference can be big. It is not the purpose of being alive that one’s aim is to dominate another person, using too much masculinity in oneself if one is a woman, neither too much femininity to letting oneself be dominated, if one is a man.


There is a lot of insanity in the world, both politically and on a personal level. But there is lot of progress being made and an enormous part of joy as well.

The meaning of faith and faithfulness

To everyone, who is open for ‘it’

To those who keep on loving life.

To those who know that nothing can exist without a known or unknown form of energy.

To those who know that emptiness cannot exist, but realizes that one can create a kind of emptiness in one’ s life.

To all who did not follow the principle of ‘divide and rule’.

To all who in their existence, discover all kinds of evolutions towards more consciousness and sense.

To all those who are aware that progress must be used to make a better world.

To those who, starting from realities like the sciences and deeply analyzed feelings, discover the art of observing in another way.

To those who try to communicate this inner communication in many ways in daily life, in art and so on.

To those who in doing so, remain stable by making a difference between the real and the false.

To those who understand that also the simple minded can stimulate ones growing consciousness, not only the intellectuals can help someone understanding all the keys of the complexity of life.

To those who see the relation between the positive and negative things that happen in individual lives and in collective history, on a personal and collective base.

To those who understand that good things are trying to reach us by means of reading, pronouncing and interpretation words.

Too those who know that thinking about their own lives is interconnected with the lives of others and with thinking about the world and the universe as a totality.

To those who, maybe with interruption, but constantly work to better the quality of communication around themselves.

To those who understand that all the precedent will end in a new way of communicating with oneself and others.

To those who realize that controlling the dynamic behind the personal lives of their own, interacting with those of others, (from the smallest units to global society), is in a way a new form of art. (but loving life remains the greatest art).It is an art that starts from a healthy inner communication with oneself.

 To those who know that the individual and collective consciousness lead to higher degrees of consciousness and open the way to a better world (quantitative but surely qualitative). To those who know that unsocial attitudes and behavior are a real political treat.

To those who are aware that everything and everybody evolves towards the best circumstances can offer it, him or her.

To those who know that clinging to the negative parts of all kinds of heritages can influence situations badly on a small or larger scale.

To those who understand all this, but cannot express it yet in this way, sometimes they are closer to it than the ones who do.

To those who are involved with these kind of things and matter and feelings, because they cannot do otherwise any more. To those who understand the true meaning of the word ‘freedom’.

To those who from within themselves and together with others, want to really reach matureness as a human being.

To those who in a positive and even in a negative way, have contributed to our ‘understanding’ and there for ‘consciousness’, from the early cave men to all the ones who contributed to our cultural heritage.

To all those who know that money alone does not buy happiness and understands it’s role still is one of teaching people a lot about themselves.

To put it briefly : loving life is the greatest art, inner communication and communication in a new way, the greatest art.                              octo

A few sentences are in Book Antiqua style and date from 9/1O/2010 or have been later introduced or reworked.  Original text I wrote in 2003

particular energy


Looking for a religious experience




Looking for a religious experience

That’s what he thought while driving on the road towards meeting two friends at different places.  He was a bit early because of the fact that his usual Sunday scheme was different, he did not need to take care of elderly persons today. The appointment was at seven pm, so what would he in the meantime do ? Visiting a spot in nature with trees, was his favorite, because the game of light and the height of trees restored ones energy circuits and levels. As do the visits in places with high walls, like churches, who can replace the trees in a way, because their energy circuits pull up one’s energy as well, or it should be very noisy inside, noisy in a chaotic way. The thought of having a religious experience did not mean something having to do with a religion, but with deeper truth (roots) in life itself as it is to most of us. So he didn’t drove to the city yet, or to nature, but followed a sign leading to an abbey. At least that was what he thought…it seemed to be a home for elderly.  There was an abbey, but hard to find because of many road works.  No, finding a religious experience in dealing with elderly, that was another story to be told later, not in his spare time.  So he drove back to town and stopped at a café with people in it, but which main entrance was closed. The lady pointed to another entrance, which at the inside someone unlocked. He saw some young men, smoking in a corridor with not much space and where normally nobody entered, due to some objects that where put there. He recognized someone in the hallway, but that’s another story from another place.  When he asked whether he could enter, he was told by a young guy that the people owning the café had not paid some taxes, so that there was a police visit on its way.  So Eco did not decide to enter, he was lucky again. In a more normal pub he recognized an old woman, who had a kind of artistic aura as well.  He recognized her from those days when he had to take the train in the city to go to work, she always held the hand of a young child. He asked her how the child was, if she as an elderly mother had brought him up. “It is a woman, age 23 know”, she said and complained a little about not seeing her often al dough she lived in her neighborhood. But that is another story, Eco didn’t had the need to talk about why her daughter was living with two other women sharing an apartment with a large living.   He only encouraged the woman to take up her painting again and instead of painting from postcards what the great painters had painted, invent some themes herself. That was Eco alright, always inventing things which could inspire people with talent to use it. It was a good advice for him as well, because he hadn’t come to writing lately, but it takes time and experiences and a panoramic view on life…and therefore one has to climb daily. So, was this the religious experience of the day, packed in to a brief encounter with someone at age already, who liked her beer, maybe a bit too much and the brief attention of a far younger man.  Maybe she was just glad to be noticed as a mother who took care in those days long ago, …did she take care…no, this was no job for Eco anymore, al dough life had given him a lot of difficult tasks, he didn’t accept them anymore, after having understood the messages in the why of people meeting people.  He was about to understand another lesson.

The appointment of 19 pm did not show up.  Her house was probably empty. The appointment  of 20 pm was in a little pub where people only get worried when the cable transmission of the football match loses connection.  But, it can be said, there was a kind of friends amongst each other sphere hanging, if one does not have the ambition of  looking to profound in men’s soul any more.  They seemed to look at the t v , but in fact they sometimes look at the strangers in the café, but when those strangers then look back, they pretend not having looked…only when we are small children we don’t play those games. Eco’s rendez vous came in and gave him a book from a friend poet as a present. He wanted to talk about his journey to the pub, about his inner life, but that had to wait a bit. Some friends where introduced and Eco could appreciate the parts from their souls they tried to represent in an honest way.  There was the young men with Russian roots, who looked forward of being mail men every day and a teacher of history who was bit to realistic about life…and then one starts being too severe about judging people or one loses ones enthusiasm for one’s role as a teacher. But, the teacher, had drunk already some wines, so that made his mind express himself a bit rougher the usual Eco supposed. 


The RV (rendez-vous), lost touch with her real beautiful  female inner part, after a couple of beers and began word attacking Eco, with some emotional negative things she was running away from a good part of her life.   That was Eco’s life again, dealing with unsolved parts of the history of women mainly, because men did not talk about those things.  Think of every possible thing or situation a woman does not want to happen to herself and Eco had met someone who had had this or that kind of experience. Women told Eco a lot and he was a good listener, but when Eco then explained what probably had gone wrong and why… afterwards women tended to take revenge on him for exposing the truth in themselves, that they themselves, could not face any more in fact.  Strangely the women Eco had got to know better in his life, had each one some artistic or intellectual talents, but they lost feeling with it because of those to heavy emotional things in life…Eco from time to time was a trigger for them to get restarting being busy with the more essential things of life. Under each other they got mixed up about him because one can as well be jealous of words or an innocent touch…and due to circumstances that he did not always chose, when there was more…it could be explained not in a guilty way.


Women he had met in his life, had been damaged by circumstances of their life, al dough they each had some talents on certain fields (even a lot of talent in artistic or other way).  It seemed like they had to meet him, not only t have an exchange of the truly valuable parts in themselves, but to confront them with a certain degree of anger, fear or jealousy in them. And even dough one offers them the change of a lifetime to get a more conscious life and a practically more happy one…it seemed not to be the purpose in his life to live this with them…at least as living together on a daily basis was concerned. 


Weren’t they in a strange way, punishing themselves in fact ?  Was it to be like that because of the preceding stories (their own and the genetic heritage) ?  Isn’t it also to be like that because of the hidden energies of feelings and thought who prepare dialogues, decisions and events   ? Strangely these things also happen even dough there is a very good dialogue between his and their souls in the beginning (or even later on when the relationship has lost it’ s bio-aspect).

Even dough if one can offer them on a bio level a good feeling, or if one continues this line; even if one discovers how to lead them to their specific way of having an orgasm (or wondering sometimes what blocked this) …this was no guarantee that they would not try to project their inner uncertainty on him. Which where the strange reasons for all those different ‘energies’ in people ?  He could be a plausible as he could, there were always reasons, often outside of his person, why they wouldn’t share their life with him.  Sometimes one wondered if they were of different sexual nature, or both, sometimes they had too much trust in pharmacy which let them to lose connection with their physical desires, or cut them off from their feelings sometimes being sad because of the aging process and family problems of ‘former’ lives. They sometimes made plans when they felt better, but they seemed to undergo and hide for their own lives…which often they themselves had made to complicated…and when they run into someone to explain this to them, in the end it was to confronting for them, due to things that happened. So in some case they stayed alone or where pleased with a lesser conscious person.


Living in Belgium

In a country with communities that hold together

As a symbol that the world can become one nation one day

In a country in the center of Europe

Where northern and southern languages are spoken

With sea and flat land and hills

It’s not only 500 beers and chocolate and fritten we make

"Potverdekke, it’s great to be a Belgian".

Even dough only one united political party remains.

and we could do as well with one government in stead of...4?




Hello  I am a blogartist. I try to make people aware that next to the difficult part in themselves, they also have a light part.      I try to make people abandon their negative feelings and discover themselves, even do it hurts...there is a way to be born again even from difficult situations...sometimes, from time to time, it becomes too late for a real change and one suffers from neglecting things in the past. The same laws apply both in historical and personal matters. I mainly have blogs in Dutch an a few limited ones in English :   http://hetvoortijdigtestament.skynetblogs.be for all links (temporally for English readers : see 'closer to the soul link'


quotes and poems




Life is a training in understanding, resisting and enjoying.

To be able to support one another, one can learn.

There always are ordinary, special and to secret reasons why people do not get along.

After a hard winter, feeling spring, proud having survived.

Do not become a slave of money and then just die.

When one thinks about someone, often a library is opened in your head.

The higher the wisdom, the more intensity of observation, calm, the more mature the deed.

Such a strange ‘for’ feeling about others or yourself, where does it come from ?

Sometimes we only remember the dialogues we did not understand.

Analyzing what really happened often works on a longue term, afterwards.

Thinking positively sometimes needs it’s blessings and conflicts.

Drifted to far away from what you should be doing, it harms doesn’t it ?

Existing in function of the energy one leaves behind and regenerate from time to time.

The soul of a biological home, embryo, transformer to the spiritual world ?

Ration and Logic fall in love with muse and fantasy and give birth to inspiration.

Why is a first impression often so important .

Do you ever get the feeling something very funny is about to happen ?

Continuing doing what you don’t like sometimes for someone has an advantage.

Out of free will doing something important with positive consequences, special event.

When you feel too good, polarity is ready around the corner.

What happens always happens on a scale of evolution.

Something one completely forget, all at once it is there when one needs it.

One loves hearing people talk, but not if it is empty talk.

Orientate on your own strength to keep on your own course.

Sometimes one hides info for you, sometime it is best hidden for you.

Knowledge, red carpet for spirituality

Letting go weight by laughing, observing, showering, moving, toilet, walking… .

Marvelous, when taught flow through you without effort.

Madness sometimes is a crush because of touching the sky to long or crawling too much.

Distance and walking together, both needed.

Understanding interaction in how things and situations come in too being.

Images that become symbols of and grow and grow to more insights.

Intuition is where one’ s  soul reaches the spiritual world.

Interpretation of events, emotions, feelings, intuition…a lifelong task.

Like the weather, moods change, due to a number of conditions.

Preparing for each kind of moment when one meets someone serves the dialogue.

Sticking to a good feeling very often makes a lot more possible.

Posing questions at one’s self and others with the aim of getting more conscious.

In relations, separate the possibilities clearly from the difficulties.

A sense full of words can have more implications then practical and psychological ones.

Words are symbols of the daily as well as the spiritual.

Space and time, a lot more relative then we might imagine.

Send positive things in the direction of others, without always accepting missions.

Just ask for the strength your inner needs, when strength fails you.

Do there have to be studies about the healing power of knowledge, insights, wisdom… ?

In each period of your life you awake in yourself the things you must deal with.

Passing thoughts without words becomes easier when one exists intensively.

Measuring the evolution of oneself and the people one knows, not so easy.

The DNA, where past lives and works ?

To reach something, risk something even if it goes step by step and the summit is not yours.

Through the ones you know you understands the total picture more, sometimes less.

A searches for meaning is a kind of detective.

Magnetism, pigeons find their way home, we need a map.

Everything is a remix of what came before, with more and more consciousness.

Dead. Like a train station near the see…it seems like this is it.

Radiation. Physics. Chemistry. Bio. Soul. Thought. .Art. Spirit. Radiation.

Do not be each other’ s volcano that prohibits one from flying.

Burst out in something, that you get it over with.

Understand who you are and that you are who you were looking for.

Being is smaller than matter, but a lot bigger.

Each one knows the way he is, but not completely.

Evolution of radiation to our soul and radiation again. Holy trinity.

Are seeds in the air aware of where they can land to flourish ?

Put the top of a lemon in water and you get rings around the sun.

Lives, living, constantly prepared. Prepare to want.

The leaves of indignation lead to understanding sometimes.

To be or not to be, but what is to be ?


Watch out for accepting nearly  impossible tasks.

You are a part of the solution as well.

Doing what one does, moment by moment.

Getting closer to the spiritual is living through all ,passed to you, facets of the soul.

Connecting the first impressions with the last for the time of being always.

The more confronting reality is, the more one pushes it away.

Not feeling well is not meant to push in the direction of others.

The karma of our own lives is looking for balance.

Do all personages know the meaning of the pieces they play in ?

Emotionally this is both a dangerous as heavenly world.

Our bio –soul- spirit produces better stuff then the factories of pharmacy.

One knows who one is by understanding the past better.

From an early age knowing what is in front of you, it does not work like that, but… .

That one and that one one will meet, slowly understanding why.

Dead. Return to separate elements. Radiation. Relations. Exchange ?

Life is a daily preparation of improvement of the quality of being.

One cannot remember all of the inspiration…it will find road to reach us again.

Wisdom not only comes on a top, also by descending, resting, meditating.

Dreaming, a surrealist remix, works of art with and without message.

Earth, hereafter, thereafter, always NOW is more easy to understand.

Time, does it exists only for those who do not feel well in their skin ?

The past, that what was, always in repetition to prepare the next show.

Both the literate and not literate do not always understand all structures.

One often forgets, speaking words, thinking is energy as well. Energy has consequences.

Energy is also faith, acting, believing… .

Insight that leads to energy is shared, exchange, experienced, not only tapped.

One cannot and does not have to be able to support all the pain of others.

Being satisfied often  helps against too much or too little.

Keep on swallowing without learning, you must be wanting to become a zombie

Each awakening is a change to write a prolongation.

Wanting somebody at your side and only thinking of yourself is nearly emptiness.

In the book off all, each person is one of the different kinds of personages.

To give yourself your life back, understand it’s roots and plant understanding.

On moments you realizes the meaning of it all…one feels great.

On joins life starting from all those reasons for living of others too.

You’ve got it, or you don’t…or nearly, but you can get it…what ?

The meanings of the meaningful, hard to understand ? Nonsense easier ?

Becoming is experiencing by observing and acting or not acting.

Acting or not acting. The wright words, silence, listening, intervening...

…by doing so, wisdom an progress come easier…interpreting the unbalances.

In fact sometimes everything is too crazy for words.

Connecting and combining while understanding is almost the French word ‘religion’.

Make some time for nature from time to time.

Observe and commentate inside, outside, free from stress and circumstances.

Wish some good things from time to time.

The greater your interests and your desire to know you are and what you can do, the more you can control your life. Emotions are a teacher in different phases. We can change direction every time we understand more and know what we want and don’ t want.       Then we can act or not act from a balance situation…with the hope and believe that this acting will be positive for yourself and others…even if in the beginning it does not appear like it will be.  Who can understand for others which direction will be positive for them ? The answers lay in our environment for the grasping if we really want…if we didn’t give up searching, that is.


Without wires, there isn’t a single electrical lamp that burns (except for those with an inner battery).  Because of inner power and connections we exist.


Losing loves

Losing great loves.

Close to souls who pass away.

Or those that cannot, must not come

Lives that one must partly or almost abandon.

Then recognizing them here and there.


Losing loves.

Ignore the feeling, invent reasons why…

It had to be that way.

Sometimes they are right.

Sadness is never the same.

Relieve as well, but from whom and who and when ?


Always, ‘after this one’, not again the part of hurt in love.

While there still are sparks of fire in the ashes.



Always in other dimensions, other heights and tunes.

Different situations from needs of others.

From the own stories as well.

Do experiences have to come and visit us again ?

Does one have to go and search them in situations ?

Unique memories and sensitive connections…

Keep on connecting with the hart.



Losing great loves.

Close to souls who pass away.

Sad ,happy or in the middle, never the same meaning with this one or that one.

And passion also has seven tunes and colors.

And lots of songs in seven styles.

The simplicity of the white knight and the princes.

To the land of legends these days.

Pipi Langkous and Peter Pan don’t exist in adult world.

Those who can stay that way, enjoy and hold it.

Chose for each other.

More complex situations…often more hard to handle.


Losing great loves.

Close to souls who pass away.

The older one get, the higher the account.

And in the end…

Being light, always trying to be light.

We were it, are it and stay it…

Literally and philosophically at least.

Between each other, depending from meeting how and when.

After all those different kind of periods.


Great loves that try to be friendship again.

Relief and difficult test sometimes as well.

Like everything one is not used too.

Ignoring the bio, one can learn, integrate or not.

One isn’t the same any more as who one was before letting go.

One does not know always what to keep or let go.

The games ancestors played and play with lives.

That what one knitted oneself.

Knitting in life, you don’t do it on your own.

Some are not made in life…for patterns to tight.

Whatever the degrees of comprehension.

How little the degree of jealousy …

Funny with who a lot sometimes and with who not and when.

Good friends and become like children and wise men.


Losing great loves.

Art is born from it, as much as from joy.

To bring people closer to the soul.

And often it looks like getting closer to the spirit.

Of one who nobody can derange any more.

And only loves happy things.

Knowing that life hold more in store with people…

Then only romance and all kinds of passion and the need for skin contact.

 Men is his own captain of the boat

When one does things together, one much judge…is the boat in a good condition to sail ? Who were the builders, the parents of the boat ? Young boat, old boat, which damages on former journeys ? What are the weather conditions, which is the destination…what does one take with ? Before one starts of, one discusses all this…and one agrees up on who is to take the decisions under difficult circumstances…the man or women who happens to be in charge of the wheel at any given time. When things go bad, events happen as a test to set out for a better course.  When things go very well, look out for the too much optimism, the water may not be deep enough as one approaches the shore and one cannot see a hidden rock on which one might strand. Man and woman must learn how to be captain of the inner boat.



No offence to other woman or man who one has loved.

But why with one or two if one has slept with let’s say four…

There is a lot of bio-jealousy concerned ?

Are each other’ s lifelines so the same ?

Has it something to do with if the dead energy became us, the living…

The stories of the past have to continue in a better way ?

Or are it simply test to learn us that man must be captain of the boat

When the woman is not on the wheel.

But both must learn to be captain of their own inner boat.

If ordinary emotional jealousy is childish, bio-jealousy is for grownups.

Except the bio element, has it to do as well with the energy both put in a relation ?

The deep one lay in one’s feelings, one ‘s writing ?

The amount of deep bio-energy present at the bodem of the bio ?

The experienced lust in triangle relations at a first stage ?

Or just plain and simple the spiritual link…

AND especially when it’s in danger.

No virus, no telepathy, no this and that can stop the connections love must make.


This is I

In 7 stages.

1 and 7

1 war and poverty, no possibilities for children…must disappear

7inner peace, I  am as well

2 and 6

2 writing about sensuality and other things in such a way that it is utterly new and convincing

6 the more between heaven and earth understood

3 and 5

3 the priest in me

5 presenting and teaching all the different understandings, wisdom and art I produced

As a blog artist

4 the middle, the hart in relation to myself

7 in relation to others

 Little trips

To the countryside or a city.

To where country borders come together…

And stop to exist.

To see the buildings and houses workers in other countries built.

To talk the languages that happens to be spoken over there.

To find out which dialect overtook the others.

To discover the richness in words, the hidden worlds behind.

To meet people and have a little chat.

To read some funny things on walls of a pub…

please disturb because I’m boring myself”

Traveling by train can be poetry, and poetry like people gives a sense of beauty…

As beauty gives advice.

One spots the young tall man with the sheep dog…

On a world tour on foot ?

One sees a joyful colored waitress talking fluently west Flemish

Enjoys the songs that play in different rooms.