Arab brothers and sisters frères &soeurs Arabes comrades/the way life works




35.camerades, frères et soeurs Arabes comrades, Arab brothers and sisters  :

sallaam alleikumVous n'etes pas les ennemis des travailleurs du reste du monde.  Faites quand même attention que vous vous basez sur les choses valables de vos textes du Koran et pas sur les extrimistes religieux qui veulent utiliser ces valeurs pour justifier des massacres.     Ce sont les gouvernements de droite ou un premier de droite et un president de droite qui ont envoyés des troups en Irak, pas les travailleurs.  C'est vrai que les travailleurs doivent de plus en plus se revolter de manière pacifique contre l'imperialisme, mais vous aussi  vous devez vous liberer des anciens structures.   Ne croyez pas comme gens croyant en ''Dieu que 'les autres' sont tous des gens qui ne

croient pas dans l'éternité de la vie, on y croit, mais d'un façon plus scientifique; même la plupart de ceux qui ne vont plus à l'église.

             Comment la vie a-t-elle commencée ?  Quelque chose qui n'a pas de forme ne peut pas exister, car tout ce qui est plus petit ou égale à zero...explode.  

Ceci est vrai aussi bien  pour les étoiles que pour les atomes.   Le grand et le petit.    Le big-bang, suivit par la formation des planetes et enfin la vie, les cellules...font preuf que l'histoire de la vie a une signification.  Et comment expliquer l'immortalité demandriez vous ?  C'est ma conviction que les premiers cellules qui se formaient, quand elles mouraient, leur energie a rejoingnées l'énergie des cellules nouvelles nées pour leur instruire enfin de leur apprendre à se diviser pour se multiplier.  Ce proces à mené jusqu'à le sex a été inventé après la formation des premiers organismes qui seulement se multipliaient en se divisant.  Alors les plantes et les animaux et l'homme sont venu.  L'Histoire de l'homme va dans le sense d'une planete pas divisée par des frontieres nationalistes ou réligieuses .  Le chemin peut etre long, mais se fixer sur les anciens pouvoirs de l'histoire ... . 



36.against fanatism :science can prove the meaning of life and dead

            I can fully understand that people need to be followers of a religion, I hold nothing against them. Each religion contains certain values that non-religious persons understand as well.  Originally the word 'religion' comes from the French word 'relier', wich means 'connecting'.  In fact non-religious people practice religion in their search for understanding the meaning of life through studying science, philosofy, history, religion, psychology...they connect all this together to a vision. I hope one day we will live in a world where everybody has the means to work and live humanly without people following fundamentalist leaders in their appeals for bloody 'holy' wars.   I hope some day a time of worldpeace will come where people have the time to study and understand that life really has a lot of usefull meanings.  Even 'dead' and eternal life can partly be explained scientifically.

            Let's try.  What can our generations add to what has already been discovered ?   Asking wheter a 'God' exist is the same question as asking whether at the 'beginning' there

was an energie that did not need the whole evolution that we went through, to reach the same consciousness.


axioama 'O'

a) Something without a form does not exist, because something equal to 'Zero',can not exist, it 'explodes'...just like the 'big-bang(s)'.  This is true as well for what happens in atoms and cells as for what happens to suns that explode and even in relationships or societies unther pressure : 'they explode'...when they approach the point of meaningless :Zero...you can fight it, but you can't stop it.


b) All matter posseses 'energy'


  1. All kinds of energy produced the first 'cel', the first not 'purely' matterly form of consciousness.  'Consciousness' still functions according to the structure of the atom , with the centre of the atom that can interact with the negatively charged electrons that surround it.  The center can also 'not act' when it uses it's 'neutron' charge (+ and - in balance)  It is thesame model as the 'decision-making-model' in our heads.


    d)Cells learnt how to multiply themselves by dividing themselves...they already had a kind of intelligence they heritated from mineral life, light, water, air...and they passed it on to us.  When those first cells died , they past their intelligence to the new ones, but not in yet in a genetical way...because they did not 'discover' how to divide themselves yet. Maybe they past it on in a spiritual way.


    axioma 1   

    a)biological life and matter are one


    b)there still is a connection between both, not only the earth giving us food and the sun giving us light,

    ,but we still beiing earth, light, waves....conscious energy


    axioma 2   

    a)there still is a connection between biological life itself


    b)that connection is influenced by the events, by thaughts, by words, by acting...


    c)there is an ever changing and evoluating hierarchy in the network of biological life, even in your own                                                91


    d)the way one thinks and speeks and evoluates does not only depend from him or her itself but also from the genetical, emotional and cultural influences from the environment


    e)we'll have to 'balance' before we decide on important matters, study, not blindly 'follow'


    axioma 3    

    a)What happens to our last 'biological' consciousness when we die ?  It returns to it's former components...but let us not forget that we are light and waves and fire and anti-matter as well as 'earth to earth'.  We also maybe keep on evoluting according to our merits and the progres that is made on earth as well.  So indirectly we maybe can become

    a kind of 'advisers' and not only continue our lives through our genetical heritage. 

    So you see fantasy and believing can be wonderfull and if they are based on science...they can be a hope for the future ?

    b)Life is full of beautiful symbolism, isn't it ?


    octo, from the  Philosophers For Peace -group http://filosofischverzet.skynetblogs.be




    the way life operates

                In each epoch of civilisation people wrote. In the beginning they didn't write about how after the big-bang, the invisible forms of matter we call 'radiation' created the first atoms, how later on planets were formed and how the first cells came into existence. 

    In fact 'coming into existence' is not the right word to express something concerning evolution...everything that exists existed already for eternity.

    The main reason why life exists anyhow is because something without a form, something meaningless, cannot exists...a form of matter that tends to become equal or smaller then zero, explodes.  This was the reason for the bigbang.  To much pressure on anything and

    anywho and new situations and creations and development will follow.  One can say that we are who we were ment to be because in fact we were there already in the form of radiation earlier then the first atom that was created...which also isn't a correct way of putting it because the first atom already was a piece of the first radiation and so on.

    We came a long long way and in fact we're much older then the latest bigbang some 15 billion years ago.

                If some day maybe the last human beiing on earth or in space will die, a part of him will become once again a form of radiation...in fact for a part we are radiation...but we cannot touch it...or can you 'touch' your conversation when you are phoning without wire ?  When you study science, you will find a lot of metaphors that will try to show you how life operates.  'Life'...not only our life, but the total beiing of it. 

    To become a more conscious person, this 'feeling one with life' is the first step we should learn to take. Just like nature can miror itself in each drop of dawn in the morning, we, if we allow some light in our consciousness, we can feel the unity of the universe inside ourselves.  Whenever we feel 'divided' we should try to imagine the basic principles mentioned above.  Feeling one with nature isn't so hard to do when you take a walk in a quiet place...and even those who live on ther country somethimes forget about their links with the univers.  Always remember, even in a flat on the fourth floor it's possible to feel good.The trouble is that we mostly feel  seperated from our origins because of the fact that we must eat and have shelter every day, we are social beiings...our worries about things like money and other material needs are a  risk to  feel divided with who in fact we are.

                An even greater risk that threatens our feeling well and undivided, are our negative emotions.  Even if we do not have financial problems, even if we like our job...negative


    emotions can make us completely nuts.  As long as we can feel some positive emotions there still is hope for each of us.  At the same time, while following the line of positivity and while trying to understand negative emotions...we should be severe to them...they only come our way in order to teach us who we really are and why everybody must take responsability for his own life, not trying to seek a revench for the pain one suffered or started.  How can we use those positive emotions to create a better relationship with ourselve, with the ones we meet every day and with the rest of the world ? 

    Why we allow so many people of using emotions  or money wrongly to spoil a part of our lives with their lies ...aren't we around to teach them a lesson from time to time ?  

    Good and evil do exists, but the devil is our own creation.  We musn't allow anyone or ourself to divide us in any way.  

                'God' is our own invention too and this idea or this feeling indeed can help a lot of us...but it can also, once again, 'divide' ourselves in groups of different believers.

    Why should someone who plays rugby look down on someone who plays football...they are both sports aren't they ?  Why should protestants want to fight catholics in Northern Ireland or why should sijiets murder sunnis or vice versa ?  Division always looks around the corner...if you are a happy couple ...why invite trouble ?  Sometimes life uses differences and trouble to obtain some purification, the less conscious we are about this way of progressing, the later we realise what is happening to us in the meanwhile. 

                In Europe we do not go to war any more against each other.  How was it possible that war broke out then before ?   Wasn't war always the last phase of economical competition between tribes or countries ?  Always some leading economical groups in society make war with the help of their political friends...they cannot do so if the ones who chose them, take an undivided decided action against them.

    No country can afford to go to war when small businessmen, farmers and workers go on strike against it.  Sometimes life succeeds in creating the conditions to make such positive things possible...aldough a lot more coordination between different worldevents stays needed.  In other cases things go from bad to worse with seemingly no end to it. 

    Just like in our own little lifes with their ups and downs and downfalls.



    38.special kinds of observations

                *Yesterday I saw two chairs standing near the water.  All the year they had waited for me till I would find the right time to sit on one of them.  Seasons past by.  It was now summer.  A hot day in the afternoon.

                I sat myself down and after a while I noticed the shadow of the hughest tree of the parc in the water.  The slightest movement of the smalest fish can make the water move all the end through the other side of the pond.  The air was filled with a little wind, enough to make the tree dance in the rimpels of the water. 

    The branches of the three grew bigger and then again smaller, like if some kind of fluid was passing through them.  The branches seemed to become a gigantic pump through wich it's blood was pumped.

                I imagined this was like when someone gets a hartattac or something...a vain breaking while to much pressure made it explode.  The dancing leaves in the water seemed to be like the smallest bio in our longs, very meryly operating in their territory.   I sat so silent and forgot about the parc, concentrating on this essence of life, that once my concentration was broken I saw the shy wild parccat with a whole bunch of her young traversing the parc, tails in the air...so that was why I turned back a few hours earlier when I wanted to get me a cat with someone I know...lifes work in often predicting, unexplainable ways.  When I wanted to get some food for the cats the whole lot of them flew in all directions...one little cat forgot on her trip in the outside that their is water where



    land ends...and fell in the water...swimming onto a nest surrounded by water.  When I took the boot to catch the wild cat, a stupid idea, I discoverd that a pair of waterbirds indeed had made a nest on top of a whole lot of lost wood I had put in the water.

                *If you pay attention to what is beeing said between two people or more, it is the result of what goes on in their separated minds...but in an aditional form.  Even the place were one is, is the result of what went on in one or more minds.  Both statements are the logic result of a number of things happening every day...slept upon through the night and getting more ready for execution the following day.   

                *I drew a picture while I was phoning with someone...first some geometrical blocs one after another, then I added a head that smiled and a tail...while the conversation continued I put eyes in the blocs and added some blocs unther the blocs and made trousers out of them...in the end it looked like an Asian dragon who was dancing. 

    The dragon was composed of some people, cheerfull.  The thing I didn't told in the conversation was that the day before I was in the company of Asian people and their European friends, all very satisfied.   I had completely no intention of drawing the dragon, I only saw in the end what I had drawn.  Even more special was how I found the pub where those people were.  I saw a falcon sitting on a wire when I drove to my chalet.  Later on I went to find a pub were I could drink something and I saw a name of some pub called 'Falcongarden'.  I entered and much to my suprise I ended up amongst the friends I mentioned above.  The day befor after watching a documentary on the stupid war of imperialism in Vietnam and a conversation with the Vietnamese wife who has a take away in the village I knew after the firework I watched with her husband and children that some Asian encounter was again to take place...but on the moment of seeiing the falcon, I even had forgot about it.

    After that events in the evening I put on the television and on that very moment a Falcon was catching one of my favorite birds who comes to eat here often...that day I had seen a remarkely big one for his size (not a falcon).  Those special birds,... when I saw one one day a man came to visit me a few hours later and later on he build many nests for birds in the parc where I live.  Birds, they live on the branches, those vains from the earth.

    More then a month after writing this I haven't had time any more to visit my Asian friends...because other events who made me put more attention to my work, crossed my way.

                *I called my philosophical project in the parc 'food for the mind'...isn't everything food for the mind, even the real earthly food itself ? 

                *Images of people, dead or alife can somethimes be more 'present' then real presence...it's just presence in another way I think.  Light is knowledge.


    social ethics

                *A woman who contributed her life to the working class died in april I read.  Someone wrote an article to remember the story of her life.  I enjoyed it very much.

                *The leaders of Israel and Palestine  keep on wasting their future away...while Irak is staying hell on earth.  When people desire a more just share of the wealth, they are crushed in history. Socialist orientated small groups do seem to recognise more and more the valuable points in each others explanation, but they do not admit it as such.

    emotional weight

                *Some people will always tend to hurt others just because they themselves war hurt before.  Whether they were themselves to blame or not.  Their beiing clever to achieve the revenche, goes beyond a lot of imagination.  A lot of the tricks are so transparent that you provoke yet more of their anger if you find a subtile way of letting them know you read their mind.  Be aware of those how tell you that they had a very bad relationship and still suffer from it...listen to people who are gratefull about their experiences and to people who have


    forgiven.  What I endured in life is not understandable for the majority of people I know.  

                *Sometimes I ask myself whether children with parents that were not so close together as they taught have less opportunity to lead a stable life...but I do feel that every person who was born couldn't have done otherwise...this has nothing to do with reiincarnation in the hindoe-way, but because of the forces of circumstances that are pushing people to make people because of the genes that have to be spread and the lessons about oneself and others that have to be understood.   One can only understand this thoroughly if you imagine all personages connected in the same story, seen from different angles.                       


INNERLIGHT science essay






33.innerlight    1. Degrees of consciousness, 'emotional evolution' and other conceptions


            'The desire from matter to be able to see, made our consciousness possible.' 


This is how a poet would explain life.


That poet wouldn't be far from the thruth. We are matter and matter is us.  There must have been 'consciousness' already in non-biological life, otherwise biological life shouldn't have been created.  Matter became more and more conscious about itself through it's finest form,biological life.  We became more conscious by beiing able to manage matter.  We also became more conscious of ourselves, thanks to other persons.   From the moment humanity started it's cultural adventure, they mainly occupied themselves with making material products, commodities...practical life, indeed is in fact mainly MOVEMENT outside our body...witch  is closely linked and starts with our biological needs.  Our biological 'soul' is the sum of  physical and chemical elements and laws, combined with our personality and emotions.   All forms of consciousness have their roots in matter...this was the word 'heathen', ('pagan') originally meant.  Our consciousness goes back to matter from the kosmos, it is in fact cosmos.  Human beiing in fact, is stone, plant and animal and in fact adds or can ad a higher degree of INNER SPIRITUAL movement, stronger then our basic emotional 'soul'.  There is a difference between the world outside us, our internal parts (our organs), our soul (emotionally bound) and our inner (the spiritual factor).  In order to understand then notion 'innercommunication' the differences and connections between the 'internal'(organs) and the 'soul' (emotional) and the 'inner' (spiritual); are very important.


            Everything that exist has a form, something without a form cannot exist, because something almost equal to zero tends to explode.  That's why nihilism makes no sense. 


When our body dies, out of the soul whereout our spirit continuously grew, our spirit is born, with it's own form of matter. We are 'all in one', everything linked together   : the minnerals with their laws of physics, the 'hardware'-structure of life, the basis of all objective science; combined with the laws of chemistery and all subjectiv laws that control our emotions and even the objectiv and subjectiv laws of society.  The laws of physics not only are about how atoms and molecules are build and about how, because of their attraction they build from the microcosmos the macrocosmos with it's galaxies. 


The laws of physics already show that eternally old and new desire to create from the 'innerlight of matter', hidden in the anti-matter of kosmos the 'normal' light we can now see outside in makrokosmos and the light of our hapiness inside.


Once the planet Earth was formed, the desire from the innerlight of matter to evoluate to more consciousness, could continue. The anorganic minnerals, created the organic cells...physics created chemistry...like out of XX-woman, came XYmen.  Physics, our skeleton, our relation with gravity...already teaching us the basics of psychological equilibrance.


            Chemistry, our stomach, symbol of creation of energy sitting on our unther-belly the matterly-part of the source of our sensuality who started one stage lower where our sexual energy is continously beiing born.  Beautiful story, isn't it, we cannot ignore that we are family of the hardware-matter...like when vulcanos errupt and produce furtile ground, we can 'errupt' as well and produce new life. 


            The energies you are reading about wright in the end produces 'intelligence'.  'Intelligence' in fact is the practical child of our spiritual development.  The 'intelligence' of vegetative life (like plants) is an intelligence that is more 'relaxed' teh the intelligence of animal-life.  Human intelligence still is more directed towards the struggle for life...it shouldn't stay that way, history will makes sure of that, (see:  users.skynet.be/octo), unther History.  Acquiring knowledge and cultural development as well as an insight in psychological relations in order to understand the world and the reason why one lives,




should become more important then a lot of commercial stupidity.  Where there is to much commercial pollution one cannot get in touch with ones own 'innercommunication'. 


Our organs are 'living beiings' as well. Our stomach gives us energy, but we have to put something in it. But our stomach can react by producing pain-warningsigns if we keep on having to much problems in our lives. 


All the information of every part of our body is centralised in the brain...where our intelligence and our emotions are trying to keep both sides of our brain in equilibrance.


In case of heavy conflicts the only solution is making a choice,(speaking some words, handling...)or taking a position of indifferent equilibrance..and patience.


            We have four kinds of CONSCIOUSNESS from BELOW :  unconsious consciousness or mineral consciousness,


untherconsciousness or vegetaive consciousness, bog-ore consciousness or biological consciousness...and consciousness.


This can produce  a number of conflicts between emotionally oposite energies : for exemple : fear and daring, pure instinct and sensuality,  jealousy and  comprehension,  fanity and selfknowledge, greed or solidarity, melancholy and gladness.


Human beiing and society is in a proces of development towards less egoism.   Therefore positive emotions must in general win from the negative ones.  To help us in this struggle we can use our four different  forms of consciousness from  ABOVE : hearing, speaking, seeing and intuitivity.  In general when we use the word 'consciousness' we mean everything we can registrate, the facts.  With 'untherconsciousness' we also mean the situations we can create on a long or short term by wishing this or that in our dreams, fantasy or thoughts...or with 'unconsciousness' the psychological substancy in matter itself.


An exemple of bog-ore consciousness is the wisdom of our genes or the other energies goiing through our body.


            A very special form of consciousness, the prelude of 'innercomuication' is 'intuition'.  It tries to shows us the way as well as amusing things or it even tries to predict or prefeel certain things for us.  Therefore you can read  about the TOOLS our spirit can use. 


All of our cells have different kinds of consciousness as well.  Those energies belong to one of the eight forms of consciousness I mentioned.  Our blood takes those forms of consciousness everywhere in our body.


According to the circumstances in a moment of some day, we thus get the apropriate words, images, thoughts, intuition...that go along with them.  That is the way in which our different forms of consciousness grow to an individual an collective spirit on it's way to beat negative emotions which keep us away from our innercommunication.  The purpose of it all is to discover the beautiful beiing, hidden inside of us. 


            Somethimes we need illusions to learn what we have yet to learn.  We are sometimes constantly beiing pushed into them by our different forms of consciousness.  You can reach a point where you not only get 'food' from what you eat but from the consciousness you have achieved.  Earth, water, bellies, air, hearing, seeing,speaking...they all produce different themes of life...they all produce differents forms of beiing...they all produce ...us.





34.innerlight 2. everything as an evolution of energy


            Everything is matter.  Matter is fastmatter (hardware) and ether-matter.


Innnerlightmatter exists in the spaces of anti-matter in the microkosmos of everything.  The innerlightmatter is a world like the macrocosmos with milions of degrees of warmth on each kubic millimeter.  All electrons have an eternal existence and turn like planets around their stars (atoms).  Who says there isn't life on these microplanets ?  Which energetic bridge is their between the visible and unvisible world of matter, between microcosmos and macrocosmos ? We ? Spiritual life ?


            In all 88 pure elements of Mendeljev's tabel to which we partly return after our dead,




there not only are chemical characteristics, but also physical forces : temperatures, distances, speeds, different degrees of pression. 


In the end all these complicated things produce beautifull things like a smile and feelings.  The less we have to suffer, the more innerlightenergy can flow through our body.  We can become more then a brain that has to concentrate on survival.


Our brain tries to obtain knowledge, our feelings try not to waste time on negative emotions and to love; our spirit reflects between the bridges between our inner-relation en the rest of our relations with others.  We should more wonder about the voyage that all intelligence before us, made between minneral, cel and us.  If we understand the energy that made this possible we will understand that we are being used by nature and it's intelligence to continue this journey towards more individual consciousness as a part of more collective consciousness that will result in more humanly forms ofliving together as a society and as individuals.  In this way we'll experience more satisfaction in our 'spiritual life' as well.


            If one doesn't believe that there could be a form of intelligence that did not need all te way we travelled to reach our consciousness, then we must put forward another axioma; namely :


'in the anti-matter from chemical elements there already existed a bog-ore intellgence that guided further evolution towards cells and finer ways of communication and consciousness.


            The voyage from the original pure elements till pure elements once again has lots of meanings.  The question whether our spiritual heritage can exist outside a biological carier


is not an easy one.  Will we only return to the consciousness of the pure elements we were composed of or not ?  Will it be a collectve consciousness or an individual one. 


I tried to give an answer by writing ' there was life after all, after dead'.


Maybe there is such a thing as a force that guids, but not leads the orchestra of life...let's call it 'collective consciousness' then.  Each person is a unique composition, a will to live that represents everyone that came into existence before her or him.


Being born is accepting the challenge of dealing with problems of all kind...ameliorating or completing what came before ones lifestory. 


            To finish this article, I add an axioma of mine that can help you philosophing about life and dead.




            In order to understand some practical experiences and to discover the laws by which they occur or happen, we can put forward some suppositions and test them to keep on ameliorating our findings and axiomas so in the end we should be able to feel the laws by which life moves… .   By doiing so we come close to the spiritual matter…but we will never fully understand everything about it…maybe because we cannot support the degrees of truth about or own life and that of others….


Exemples for  axioma :  " Our ‘spirit’ is born when our soul stops existing" (when our emotional life here dies together with our body).  « There is a kind of conversation between living souls and spiritual powers » or « there is no inter soul-spiritual contact between spiritual powers, they continue their own development in another world ».


« Reincarnation is only a biological issue...we cannot return ». « Soul-matter is passed on by our genes, spiritual matter can not be passed  in this dimmension ».  « In order to give our spiritual development a bonus we must learn how to get a strong soul in this earthly dimmension ...this means getting independent of negative emotions».


 « Can we change our existential menu ? »




If you are getting to much away of what you should be doiing with your life , then negative






emotions and feelings aswell as positive ones...or things that happen can be used by life to correct you.


            More about this very important energy later. Maybe my main exi.menu is about introducing a new kind of political system, but in order to be able to do so we’ll have to make people stronger in their pshygological, soul related life…therefore this study.


Or maybe my main exi.menu shall be explaing the difference between soul and spirit or the relation between them : must we get ‘stronger’ here in order to evoluate in another dimmension more favourably, or to be able to let those after us function better...during and after our own life ?


            EUREKA -axioma :Thesis : idealist axioma.  Antithesis : materialist axioma.  Synthesis : indifferent equilibre.         


The idealist axioma is based on the axioma that you keep on functioning OUTSIDE the body, related to the energy you left behind before you died.  Everyone evoluates in the direction of his dead, a moment when one becomes an unbodylike energy that will become part of the further evolution of the ones you leave behind...or evoluates more or less independently according to ones merits.  My materialist eureka is based on the fact that spiritual life can only exist within a biological ‘house’ and is genetically bound by means of family and further on….a statement that not necessarely means accepting the fact of interrelations between the material and spiritual world. Isn't our earthly soul something in between the idealist and materialist vision , an embryo for the spiritual dimmension ?


That's why next  to the material and idealist axioma’s I also put forward the synthese : an axioma of ‘indifferent equlibre’ stating that once the biological life comes to an end we return to the consciousness of the elements that made us : minneral, water, air, light…hidden in the anti-matter of them…maybe enjoyable as well,but unconscient ?    So just by beeiing air and light an minnerals...they join the living in an indifferent way...feeding the living ones, taking biologically part in their existence...and by their indifference, maybe have an influence after all. 


geen slaven van negatieve emoties blijven




32.Geen slaven van negatieve emoties blijven

            Laatst moest ik naar de tandarts.  Zag er een foto van m'n gebit.  Een ruig geërodeerd gebergte.  De meest rauwe uitdrukking van de wil tot leven.  Het skelet, slaaf, vriend en onderdeel van het vlees en de geest.

De evolutie van oerenergie naar het basisprincipe van het atoom droeg een symbolische les in zich : in de kern in evenwicht blijven en reageren en verbindingen aangaan en uitproberen.  Welke verbindingen aangegaan konden en kunnen worden, liggen door de eigenheid van elke soort materie vast.  De evolutie van atomen naar cellen voegde een andere symboliek aan het bestaan toe.  Om te kunnen blijven bestaan moest je je eigen leren delen.  Stammen werden koninkrijken en republieken en de wereld wordt misschien nog ooit eens één vredelievend geheel.  De symboliek ontgaat U waarschijnlijk niet :  om sterk te staan moet men zich verenigen.  Zich verenigen en zich delen...onderdeel van

kennis, genot en strijd...die naar meer en meer innerlijke rust tracht.

            In één alinea van een vermoedelijk begin tot in het nu.  Wat een reis mijn twee zere tanden me deden maken !  Een reis binnenin mezelf of het geheel dat de geest is , met die geest als transportmiddel.  De geest, gegroeid uit het bewustzijn van een mix van het stoffelijke.  Mineralen, gassen, licht en golven ontmoeten mekaar in de eerste cel...die vermoedelijk nog via een 'navelstreng' aan de aarde vasthing en afstierf zonder zich te kunnen delen.  Het licht en de lucht brachtten de vergane anti-materie energie van die cel misschien terug tot bij de volgende cel die zich vormde.  Die tweede cel kreeg of de informatie van de afgestorve cel binnen via haar  primitieve ademhaling of voedselketen en de biologische voorloper van de inspiratie was geboren.  De weg naar organismen, naar 'organiseren' op biologisch vlak lag open.  Exact kunnen we al die gelijktijdige processen die zich van toen tot nu en nu op ons niveau nog afspelen niet beschrijven; want dan zouden we niet meer aan de praktische dingen die ons te doen staan toekomen.

Het ging misschien niet om één maar miljarden cellen waarmee het in de elementen aanwezige bewustzijn experimenteerde.

            In die tijd al, werden onze emoties geboren.  Er moest waarschijnlijk worden gestreden om voedsel...en dat bracht naijver mee.

Het kan natuurlijk ook zijn dat er in die mikrowereld van toen genoeg voedsel was en de cellen zich vrij solidair ontwikkeld hebben tot organismen enzoverder.  Filosofisch gezien kan men zich dus afvragen of hebzucht of integendeel solidariteit aan de basis van het ontstaan van onze emoties lagen. Beide tesamen in wisselwerking wellicht.  Hopelijk


stammen we in de oerstam mikroscopisch gezien het meest af van de solidariteit, het leren delen...dat moet de bovenhand blijven houden...of de woeker van de hebzucht verstikt ook dat stuk waartoe het voor een deel heeft bijgedragen (onze zeer relatieve welvaart bijvoorbeeld). De hebzucht vernietigt echter altijd meer dan dat ze bijdraagt.   Op een bepaalde manier staan we nu op het gebied van voedsel en andere materie nog niet verder dan toen...er is in theorie genoeg voor iedereen, maar de strukturen van de hebzuchtigen verbrodden de gezamelijke groei naar logischer verdelen.

 Of is een minderheid van de consumenten te hebzuchtig en spelen de machtigen der aarde daar nu juist op in ?  

            Een andere bron van onze emoties is de uit het delen geboren geslachtelijke voortplanting, een techniek die het primitieve voortplanten nieuwe wegen opstuurde.  Het organisme moest nu BUITEN ZICHZELF op zoek naar combinaties en oplossingen voor zijn materiële verderbestaan.  X zocht Y om het via XY in plaats van via XX te proberen.

Dat zoiets tot nieuwsoortige konflikten kon leidden bewijst de met de maatschappellijke verhoudingen meegeëvolueerde man-vrouw verhouding tot op de dag van vandaag.  Zowel X als Y onderdrukken en gebruiken en genieten van mekaar tot bepaalde vormen van scheiding of de dood volgen.  Waarom ? Omdat we aan ons genetische verleden vasthangen en in ons denken door opvoeding en maatschappij worden bepaald.  Indien iedereen een inkomen had waar hij menswaardig kon van leven, zouden er in de wereld veel minder problemen zijn.  Indien meer mensen zich in de zin van het leven, de filosofie dus; zouden interesseren, nog een stuk minder.

Liefdeskonflikten tussen mensen zouden nog blijven bestaan, maar men zou ze meer trachten te begrijpen, wat die nieuwe evolutie een hele andere richting zou kunnen geven.

            Gisteren zag ik een uitzending over epilepsie ...met beelden van hersenoperaties inkluis.  Een klein percentage mensen die met medicijneniet konden worden geholpen, lieten hun schedelpan afnemen en met ergens een stukje weg te nemen of door te knippen konden ze in de meeste gevallen weer onbezorgd autorijden of zo.  Gedeeltelijk verdoofd, prikkelde men hun talencentrum en vroeg hun om iets te zeggen om zeker te zijn dat ze nog konden spreken. Dan trotseerde ik toch wel een tiental aanvallen per jaar van zo'n drie vier minuten, dacht ik zo.  Als je geweldige tandpijn hebt, werkt je geest niet meer met dezelfde inspiratie als anders.  Het is alsof zo'n geest alleen onder bepaalde omstandigheden gedijt.   Bij lichamelijke pijn, al of niet het gevolg van emotionele zwaarte, zit die geest te wachten tot hij volop doorbreken kan.   Geef iemand nieuw bloed van een donor en hij blijf dezelfde om mee te praten.  Zo eigen zijn wij. 

En toch uit dezelfde stof voortgekomen...want we kunnen onderdelen met bepaalde mensen omwissellen.  Wij zijn het resultaat van honderden eeuwen ervaring op alle fronten van het leven.  Wat is de bedoeling ? 

Ooit nog eens op andere planeten wonen of mekaar durven tonen wie we zijn en hoe we willen leven?  De reis van het in de praktijk snappen van dit alles staat, wat mezelf betreft,.  De liefde teveel willen blijven verklaren door het verstand alleen, is er wiskunde van maken...en dan ben je zeker toe aan het kiezen van de beleving ervan.

For all those with an intrest in history, philosophy and art.
For all those wanting to have more consciousness in order to be able to make this world a better place.

For all those that get sick watching the daily worldnews without being able to do something.

For all those wanting to know why there is so much poverty and war and unemployment.

For all those wanting a job without being stressed all the time.

For all those not wanting to get stuck in negative emotions.

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