Hello Humanity




44.Hello Humanity,


Do you remember how we, long before the chicken and long before the first eg and the first atom...how we lived together as one energy in one smal basic point ?

Our home was a tiny bit bigger then zero...and almost aproaching 'zero'...would certainly mean 'exploding', the 'big bang'...because something without sense, without meaning...without containence...cannot exist.

Do you still remember how our bog-ore form of life started billions of years ago ? 

As pure radiation we easily didn't believe in death, not in zero and neither in ghosts.  We just were full of energy, full of radiation, we just were light that for ever slowly met heights and downs, progressing and retarding, maybe once again worked at the creation of the first atom of matter.  We just couldn't say no to our growing desire of consciousness...after our galaxy had colapsed into one point again on a previous occasion.  As bundeled light we could feel each others experiences and through the grandparents  of electricity and magnetism we once again began a new adventure. 

            We created the earth in very conscience manner.

The first ten seconds after the big-bang indeed were the ejaculation of all ages...you still repeat it from time to time.  Even after we had created our earth, our supereg...the work was not over yet.  We had to form cells and organisms...and the human beiing. 

The beautiful documentaries we make of this evoluation coincidence with an age  that the struggle for possesion of raw materials and markets once again threatens the very


existence of our kind.  Some politicians try to hide this and they say that it only is a battle between races, languages, religions and nations.  They are so afraid of losing their place in the sun, that in the proces of submission of reason and human imagination they try to keep on ruling by showing how gut butchers they are.

They are becoming anachroncic.  We should distilate a comon wisdom from all experiences of the past.

            What keeps us so divided?  We can explain live without having to kill each other because we don't agree in our visions upon life and death ?  We fall apart in matter and radiation after our death.  Radiation created matter and we remain radiation in the end...with it's own kind of consciousness.  We also keep on living through our genetical connections.  We are all together one enormous composition. Each generation we try out new formulas, new compositions...to get rid of our negative emotions more and more.  'Existing' is completing each other in various ways.  The more we use our talents the more intense the radiation we leave behind will be.

As long as we do not make ourselves nervious we don't make the ones we love nervious...to be continued

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