Innervoice-Light up our live-Some words to consider-In the begining





When everything you wanted to write aout life, has been written.


When everything you wanted to speak about, has been said.


When you've experienced all about love and hate.


When you've tried everything to influence the battle for power.




Then you realise you've only touched the mechanisms,


even dough you added a lot of undiscovered things.


Then you feel that even only in trying, you changed things,


while the negative tensions kept on giving life to the positive.


Then, when absolute calm is restored, you hear your inner voice again.


What was and is IT (she-he?) always talking about ?


Then you start wondering, why did it made you feel heavenly,


why did in some periods, it made you confuse ?




Could it be that matter and mechanisms are one thing


and the energy that makes that energy travel ...an other ?


Could it be that matter or mechanisms also can make sick


and do so because the original real strength must recover ?


Could it be that real strength is always beiing challenged


and must descend in to where the changement is due to come from ?




Oh purest voice of sensitivity


let your part of  wind blow, your part of matter glow,


your part of the water rise, your part of light inspire,


so I'll know what to write in a new way;


because the sky, aswell as other matter, is full of hidden energy


Oh dearest desteny, show me the narow pad


between rationality and the inner voices of intuition,


show me which seeds where to plant


so I and we can act more then as one


because thruth otherwise causes to much suffering.




While travelling on the narrow pad


the contact with the past and future voices of nature


came back again from beiing lost


in every period of your life , that you weren't an honnest  child any more.


When you aren't an honnest child any more, in fact you fall a sleep.


Falling asleep is not knowing where you really are.                                            


Sleeping also is necessary, but while you're awake,


try to have the wisdom of an honnest child.


Light on our life. Light up our life


There are many ways to understand why our life is our life.


Science can explain how life after the big-bang started from radiation tot atoms and cells and we. From a social point of view we can understand a lot about the relationship between history and economy.  Light on our life isn’t so hard to understand, changing things like poverty, war…is something else, because we are to busy working or understanding our relationships, to busy to light up our lives.


Some words to consider


He wanted everybody to be happy.  From early on as a kid ‘everybody’ meant the people in the village where he grew up, his parents and grandparents, animals and so on. It might be kind of funny for a guy of 55 to wake up with these thoughts which probably were elder then himself as he sometimes thinks on his moments of analyzing what life and his life is all about.  He wrote a lot about it in every possible style and about each domain in life, both in a scientific and literary way…until he reached the border where words have to give up and very special kinds of reasoning and feeling became difficult or impossible to describe.  What started off as an idyllic picture of the world gradually changed in a real understanding of what is going on in this world as a whole…not only in his personal life…in the broadest sense possible.  But let’s descend in too that ‘wanting everybody to be happy feeling’ was and became and is all about. One can wonder about it. Does everybody in fact wants to be happy ? Isn’t feeling unhappy a starting point to discover what’s wrong and isn’t being unhappy not both something that can lead to accepting reality and appreciating it ? 




Like in nature,  moments of aspiration and moments of expiring of situations go hand in hand. It is the longing for understanding and comprehension and the feeling of wanting to be loved and wanting to love that motivates us to exist. As far as sensitive people are concerned that is…despite the fact that almost everyone has certain degrees of sensitivity within themselves…and intelligence. One can be very intelligent and almost have no human feelings towards people surrounding oneself…in combination with brain damage due to genetic heritage or a fall for example or in combination with a mental disorder or a lack of love or misuse in one’s youth; this can even lead to psychopathic behavior. Sensitivity is what really makes us human in fact. Being sensitive seems to have always been under thread in history, but in combination with positive intelligence it made the world and a part of the individuals and the collectivity they belong to progress, amid a lot of bloodshed and misery.




So, where did his own journey began ? Which players would he encounter to understand the way life works ? Why and how had he evolved to wanting to write about life ? Why and how had he evolved from having compassion with unhappy people towards analyzing their lives in a critical but human and sensitive way ?    What had lead him to his main philosophical question : “is there an energy which did not have to go through the evolutionary road of radiation, atom, molecule, planet, cell…and us to reach our kind of consciousness “ ?      For others this meant there was a God or whatever name they gave it…for him it was more a feeling and a kind of energy…more a puzzle, both in a scientific and in a human sciences way…a story about making sense of nonsense.    And what is nonsense in an energetic way ? In physics, when something tries to take a volume that is less or equal to zero…the situation explodes in little or big bangs, probably ever repeating themselves.              So this means that, since everything is energy and energy is eternal , because it always evolves towards other forms of energy, life and we are eternal as well, taking under consideration that qualitative differences exist.     So what all those words mean, is that ghosts cannot exist, because everything and everyone has a volume…and that when something or situations or in the end, we ourselves approach the point of too much pressure upon us…things have to change in positive ways…and hopefully if one continues that line of thinking…in a positive way after our dead too. 








When one has known passion in one’s life and one hasn’t kissed someone in months, sometimes it can look like ages. Where is your angel then ?










In the beginning


Last week I went to an exhibition about the history of the universe and the necessity to save the planet. It’s a real wonder what came from the big bang, which symbolically means that something without a material form cannot exist, because something almost equal to zero tends to explode. The first moments after this event there only was radiation and then the first atom and so on until our consciousness.  The question whether there is an energy who did not need all that road towards our consciousness, I leave to teologists to dispute about, but there is more God to be found in science and especially in man and woman and their relationships and in people trying to help people in a social and individual way, then in sterile debate about texts who DO HAVE THEIR OWN VALUE to be interpreted in their own époque. All dough some texts show that they know a bit of special energies and this at an époque that science did not have the same knowledge as today; which proves that there is a relationship between the dead and the living, between ancestor telepathy and present telepathy…it are always the sums of both which determine what is going to happen, which words shall be spoken.


The final goal of economic, social and political history is that human kind should learn how to produce in an ecological responsible way and divide in a social way…in order to have more time to enjoy culture and to try to get the meaning of life by understanding who others and themselves really are. The spiritual world one cannot grasp by dogma’s alone. The spiritual world tries to combine the struggles between positive and negative emotions on a small and larger scale.  It is depending on the free will of people to act in a way that life becomes more and more  a conscious way of dealing with things.


A number of people have so much love in them and that love has often been so misused that they try so hard to prove to others where that love comes from in fact…from the spiritual world. They can feel what I missing in others and where it went wrong as well as the negative sides those others have to coop with. By doing so, if the ones with few negative emotions inside, become more and more enlightened about live. In fact that is why everyone is looking for tenderness in their lives.  Some have forgotten about this desire and replace it by all the practical things of life, who aren’t a ‘bad’ thing, but it has become their whole life practically. One often cannot blame those people by acting so because of the fact that unconsciously they know about their ‘pain points’ and it is too much of a burden to talk about them or chose other directions. They work and work in the material world, with no time for contemplation about life. They have relationships whereby they forget that in being truly together with someone who really is close to his soul and the spiritual world means being able to live with less food or less stress.  If someone lives together with people that don’t believe in the spiritual any more one of them or two of them lose the respect and the friendship and their love in the end. When one touches the real nerve of the personal condition of someone, one begins to defend some cultural or personal dogma’s. In dealing with practical people one can invent spontaneously some funny things to talk about, but it will not or no more o further, but in doing so you create  a little space in them. To reach people who still want to make an effort in touching deeper layers in each domain of life one can have a really deep conversation. But when one wants to remain on a spiritual level one has to remain with the positive and this isn’t an easy task considering the ancestral telepathy and the present one, continuously influenced by people with less consciousness about a lot. In relationships the degree of wanting to dominate others is an important factor which not only has negative consequences if someone needs a guiding hand still. 


There are so many interesting questions one can wonder about after reading “there was life after dead as well” ( link :   http://bloctaafblogartist.webs.com/      Does the negative heritage of someone keeps on living as well in the spiritual world, or is it an energy that only continues to have an influence in the existing bio world ? Both the strong and weak parts continue their story here, but spiritual energy hasn’t got negative parts, we only can create them, or are almost obliged to create them by the sums of as well ancestor telepathy as present telepathy. °°°°°°




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