Energy of consiousness plays a telepatical game-poems-not easy a messenger






The energy of consciousness plays a telepatical game with our telepatical and other exchanges  In function of who we are and what we want and of who needs what in fact.  Those who know true events and words that their interpretation was wright, can have very good flash backs and discover connections between things and people better. Those who understand as well, or in lower degrees; but who realize that they were partly or entirely the cause of misdoings to others; can have good understanding of things as well, but in less agreeable dimensions. Do not blame them too much, they are seeking to escape from both sides of telepathy. Life puts people on our roads, sometimes we like them a lot till we find some angels who need the help of angels. In the process of helping them (and at the same time in a way, us, no matter the emotional road downwards they can provoke)…in that process they do not always like us for the effort…and by getting tired the stronger ones don’t always have the wright reaction…and the weaker ones can have very strong inputs as well. If there is something troubling you, have faith that it will resolve it’ self and trust the inner spiritual energy who is inside you or wants to be inside of you.




The heat is gone


The heat is gone.


Night has fallen.


Dark clouds refresh.


The light leaves the window.


Between white walls of a yard,


Bats dance the radar dance.


Soon as you think they’ re gone.


One comes back. Always the same maybe.


Picking the mosquito’s before my face.


No blood of yours for them.


In alliance I leave the light on.


Thinking while absorbing time and place.


The brain is a dark place…


But a lot of light is being transported.


There’s no such thing as a bat in your head…


A bat that picks away parasite thought.


You are your own bat inside.








New couple


New couple. Often it goes like this.


They find a lot in common.


A lot to blame their ex-es


They think their trust was misused.


Struggle with the lust for change inside.


Wondering whether to enjoy the lust of new lives.


Rediscovering to be glad.


They stop holding having something


Against the ones who cheated on them.


Experiencing the newly found joy THEY


Must have felt.


But the new love story often ends…


As the old one…


And insults and hurt replace tenderness again.




Left my wood one day


My wood where people looked for serenity.


Discovered a wood, hidden in a town.


Where ecologists do good things.


And I offered them my help.


Went in to town to tell the news.


But got a load of emotional stories about modern pain.


Could not take mine any more…


Lost my good temper…but it was in vain.


The message of my wood, not understood.


Forbidden to be too complicated, just talk along.


Frustration isn’t something for a public place.


It’s to be ventilated at home…


When tenderness has gone.






Back in my wood


nature, telematics, internet


the floating software of the one spirit


receiving trillons² of needs sending trillions³ of possibilities


with each time just one match for that period in time of being


telepathically connected drive of unfinished stories of past and present


wrote a poem about a bat to escape from battle


before it was on the net 3 book friends had used the word too


7 colors 7 sounds 7 continents 7chakra’s 7positive emotions 7negative emotions /7 senses/7 souls/7good intentions


Came near to things hellish and divine


Cracked both codes


Will keep a distance, thus no more someone’s or me to blame.


For the one percent of mistakes and wrong interpretation.


Being aware of once, one emo-link to many in nerve breaking conditions.


A lot of people preaching how to let go and be and live independent.


A lot of them live alone.


A lot of them get hurt.


And when they ‘ve learned from each other to abandon or let go.


They often forgot they were each other ‘s missing link.


How can one be afraid of a missing link ?



not easy to be a messenger

Like I said to my cat the other day : “It is difficult trying to be a messias these days.     If you only knew what is happening in the world or what has happened in my life, you would jump in to a tree and you wouldn’t come out”. Without followers one often talks to one’s dog or cat.  Nearly all possible things that can drive a man crazy, have happened to me or I have seen them happening and who know what is to come. Good, bad and terrible as well as heavenly. That is why I find myself in a good balance between experience and not having to go through some stages I already witnessed.      I drink my thee with honey, the water comes from a practically unknown well and I’ve decided to continue to be a messenger. One can be a messenger as well in daily life, in family and so on…but I long time ago was pushed to arrive at this moment in my life…translating this originally Dutch text for those I have not reached yet in that


language.  I already used a number of ways to try to express partly a social and partly a psychological and spiritual message. I try to think and talk and write about all possible issues in live, including philosophy, religion (faith) science and spiritual things like telepathy and the meaning of it all is to generate enthusiasm and participation to make this a better world with more people having more time to understand what they are doing here. In school I was critical, on my work I tried to do something about the social and political consciousness of my environment. On a familial level I gave every one, including myself in the end the freedom to do their own mistakes. On a political field I noticed that a number of parties were ego minded further on the right and on the other hand the center often swinging to the right and the left as well, with some inside opposition or a great division at the left side of the left.  I proposed to overcome it by adapting the old philosophical dogma’s of the left, making room for science to prove that eternal live indeed is possible. I invented a new political neutral system of worldwide telematics elections, based on an election to approve a worldwide social program without arms production and equal terms of production and the abolishment of speculation with money and raw materials...etc. I met a lot of people in different ways, all wanting the same while war after war and economical cries after crisis occurred.  Artists, politicians, social workers and each other profession, all on their own, like we often all on their own, occupied with their social and personal problems.  Those personal problems often prevented them from getting more and more conscious about the mystery of life and the ways it operates through us. We must unite more and more, we started off from one cell and we are spread genetically all around the world…interconnected more than the internet.


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